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Energy and operating savings

IceCOLD saves energy and has a payback within 12 months of use. The return on investment is typically 500% or more.

Energy and the Environment

IceCOLD will typically reduce energy consumption by between 15-25 of Kw/h of energy. This is a major contribution to energy, environment and carbon reduction targets.

A UK national retail company tested and validated the following savings at a single retail store, through applying IceCOLD:.

1.Overall Energy (kWh) consumption for the whole building I incomer data monitor) reduced by 10%
2. HVAC Energy (kWh) consumption reduced by 20% minimum
3. Annual kWh Savings = 21,279 kWh/yr
4. Annual CO2 / GHG Saving = 9.304 Metric Tons per year
5. Payback within 12 months

external air conditioning

Cutting HVAC operating costs

IceCOLD reduces the compressor run time, thus reducing the on-going maintenance costs of HVAC equipment and extending its effective lifespan.

Noise level - IceCOLD has the effect of reducing the noise level of compressors. A world class UK manufacturing company recorded the following:
- noise level was reduced by 60% in decibels with an 18% reduction in Kw/h, a 21% increase in efficiency, the coefficiency of performance (CoP) changed from 2.98 to 3.655 and running amperage was reduced from 17.5 amps to 15.5 amps.


IceCOLD has been tested and validated across the world as a significant energy conservation measure for retro-application to existing refrigeration cycle equipment.

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