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Energy efficiency technology for refrigeration cycle equipment

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IceCOLD is designed to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration cycle equipment, such as air conditioning, heat pumps and chillers. The problem for the majority of refrigerants is that it is mixed with an oil that will stick to internal heat transfer surfaces and impede energy efficiency. This happens regardless of the operating condition of the equipment. IceCOLD stops oil sticking to heat transfer surfaces and will deliver impressive energy and utility cost savings.

IceCOLD is a benign, biodegradable catalyst liquid that is applied as a one-off application. It does not alter the properties of the refrigerant or compressor oil to which it is added.

Applying IceCOLD is a simple method of cutting energy, greenhouse gases and generating significant profit through utility cost saving. Typically, the payback is within months and ROI is in the region of 500% or more.


IceCOLD has been successfully tested in a variety of sectors and companies over many years. It reduces the temperature of output air to cut the run time of compressors. The outcome is less energy and the operating life of refrigeration cycle assets is extended.

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