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Proven HVAC technology to cut energy and operating costs

ASHRAE and Oil Fouling - a report on the universal HVAC problem of energy loss generated by oil sticking to internal coil heat transfer surfaces. ASHRAE report a 7% energy loss in the 1st year and 5% per year in subsequent years up to a typical maximum of 20-30% of energy loss.

IceCOLD brochure - full UK brochure

Siemens AG validation - Siemens is a world class engineering and manufacturing company. It carried out extensive testing with IceCOLD across a variety of its sites in Europe and the US, over a long period of time. This is Siemens summary report.

FAA ( Federal Aviation Authority) endorse IceCOLD - The FAA tested the potential of IceCOLD as an energy saving innovation and achieved a significant return on investment. Please note that IceCOLD is referred to as a refrigerant catalyst within the text

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